Sample Collection Products
  1. Specimen Collection Swab
  2. Disposable Virus Sampling Swab Kit
  3. Vaginal Swab Kit

Specimen Collection Swab

Packaging Specifications
  100 pcs/bag, 3 bags/box, 10 boxes/carton
Product Features
  Individually wrapped, Flocked, Sterile.
  Good for COVID-19 nucleic acid detection sampling.
  All of these product are approved by FDA.

                                                      Nasopharyngeal swab                                    Oropharyngeal  swab

Disposable Virus Sampling Swab Kit
This product is suitable for the collection and transportation of human respiratory samples. 
It usually consists of a sterile swab, a collection tube containing 0.9% saline, and a biosafety bag (with absorbent paper).

Vaginal Swab Kit