Smart Cell Block System (BK-TYPE01) 

Product Features:

  • Advanced micro cell enrichment technology: It only takes 10-15 minutes to enrich the cells into a cell mass, which is tightly aggregated and does not spread out.
  • Improve efficiency: Easy to operate, 12 servings can be completed in half an hour, which can replace manual work and improve experimental efficiency.
  • Good compatibility: Can use various specifications of centrifuge tubes (1.5ml-50ml); can handle most types of cytology samples.
  • Integration: The same instrument completes sample pretreatment, cell enrichment, and reagent thawing.
  • Safety and environmental protection: Care for the health of operators, the reagents used do not contain irritating ingredients; The equipment has  the function of misoperation  protection,  and can display equipment failure information, which is convenient for judgment and maintenance.


1、Device can be used for Cell blocks preparation (≧12servings /time)
2、Operating VoltageAC220V AC Frequency:50Hz;16A
3、Maximum Rotational Speed4000rpm
4、Maximum Centrifugal Force2800×g
5、Throughput:12 servings/time,Fits centrifuge tubes with following size 1.5mL、2mL、5mL、10mL、15mL、50mL
6、Working StatusCan heat up to over 40 ℃
7、Temperature control accuracy:±5℃
8、Rotational speed control accuracy:±50rpm
9、Noise level:<65dB(A)
10、Operating temperature:5°C~40°C indoor relative humidity:≤80%
11、Atmospheric pressure:860hPa~1060hPa

Smart Cell Block System
Smart Cell Block System
Cell Block Preparation Kit