Disposable Sampler Saliva Collection Kit
•The product is used to collect high-quality DNA/RNA samples in the saliva.
•The collection process is painless and won't cause any injury or discomfort to the human body.
•The collected samples can be used for various biological experiments such as enzymatic hydrolysis, PCR and next-gen_x0002_eration sequencing and are widely used in the collection and preservation of specimens in hospitals, scientific research institutions and households.
•It can perfectly replace blood DNA/RNA sample, especially for patients who are unwilling or unable to cooperate with blood sampling.
•Store at 5-30℃ and avoid light, valid for 24 months.
•The ITM inactivated solution is mainly composed of trihydroxyaminomethane, disodium ethylenediaminetetraaceticacid, sodium chloride, etc.
Technical Drawing

Operation Instructions
1.30 Min before collecting saliva, rinse the mouth with clean water and fast after gargling. Relax your cheeks and gently massage cheeks with fingers for 15~30 seconds to produce saliva. Gently spit saliva into the funnel until the liquid saliva (non-bubble) reaches the height of 2.0 ml scale line. Saliva samples collected shall be free of impurities and sputum. Don't spit all over the vial.
2.Hold the saliva collecting tube in hand and keep it upright. Use the other hand to unscrew the cap of the preser vation solution vial. Slowly pour the preservation soluti on into the funnel, and keep the funnel and saliva collec ting vial upright so that the preservation solution could flow into the collecting vial completely. The preservatio n solution should not be eaten.
3.Keep the collecting vial upright, unscrew the funnel, take out the clean saliva collecting vial cap from the packing box, screw and tighten it on the saliva collecting vial. The vial caps have a choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children.
4.Turn the tightened collection tube upside down for 10-15 times to fully mix saliva and preservation solution.