Well-known investment institutions co-sponsored the establishment:
• Founded in 2017 in Hangzhou Xiaoshan
• Obtained Oriental Fuhai Angel Round Investment

Core team of well-known business school background: 
• Berkeley, University of California, Harvard Medical School, etc. 
• Senior engineer and sales director of Abbott and other

Domestic leading IVD overall solution:
• Genetic probe clinical solutions and immunology and targeted detection 
• 3000 square meters GMP factory 
• Total solution for liquid biopsy genetic testing 
• Innovative solutions for conventional IVD products

Completely independent intellectual property rights and patented products:
• Digital Intelligent Management System 
• Automatic staining, reading and cell detection system 
• Automatic immunolabeling system 
• Rapid gene probes, immunological reagents 
• Biochemical immune pipeline system

The Company Culture 

Vision: To become a respectable century-old enterprise in the industry 

Mission: Make clinical tests easier and make diagnoses more accurate 

Values: Humanism, integrity, truth-seeking, pragmatic